Chat Support for Apps

Introducing Purist-it Cloud Chat Support for Developers

Purist-it Chat Support APIs for Apps Developers

Average 1 of 5 customers prefer to use chat messaging to interact with products and service providers, chat support engines for apps gives the fast & best solutions for customer support. App developers now have full chat support APIs, cloud solution for app developer visit our product home

I Need Help!

Average 55% of customers switch to different product or services when they don't have instant answers to problem they are facing

In-App Support

In-app chat support engine is the new call centre, phone calls, emails & tickets is absoluate, chat messaging is fast and easier for everyone

Happy Customer

Making a happy customer, means a repeated sale, customer support should be the top priority in any business, mobile apps is the new channel to consider for support , chat is the most logical mean of support

Chat reduces churn and increases profits

Apps provide chat to their customers for two big reasons: to reduce churn and increase profits. The connection between less churn and higher profit is very easy to explain. Churn leads to higher profits for five key reasons:

  1. Churn is expensive
  2. Poor service equals more churn
  3. Quality of service is a key differentiator for choosing one service over another
  4. Bad service is more viral than good service
  5. Users like chat as a way to get good service

Self-Care Apps

While Purist-it Chat Support serves best app developers, a dedicated chat support platform is also possible for organization want to include chat support, for self-care app projects with instant benefits to customers


We provides full chat support SaaS for your self-care or CRM project in the cloud , with the SLAs your business demands , your project is safe with experts in the app economy

Professional Services

When your needs go behind chat support and want professional services using our standards customer journey best practices for self-care apps, our experts will ensure your success